Weekly Bulletin - Announcements & Calendar

23rd Sunday after Pentecost              November 17, 2019


(*Please stand if you are able)


INVOCATION                                                                           Pastor Pauline


*Call to Worship

Leader:   God is ready to answer us, even before we call.

                  God is eager to listen, though we are not ready to speak.

People:  The hills sing together before God’s presence.

                All of nature proclaims God’s glory.

Leader:    Be glad! Rejoice in all that God is creating.

                  Welcome the new heaven and earth God has planned.

People:  We worship God with great joy and delight.

                We welcome God’s healing touch in our midst.


*HYMN                    ‘Grace Greater than Our Sin’           #365  UMH 


  Children’s Time                                                         Pastor Pauline  


                           WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS

We welcome visitors every time we gather for worship and hope the

warmth of that welcome is evident to you.  Everyone is asked to sign the attendance pads located in the pews near the center aisle.

If you have a prayer request, please fill out a small pink form in your pew and give it to the ushers during the Choral Response.


Special Music                        “Where He Leads Me”                Trinity Choir      

*Exchange of Peace


*SCRIPTURE LESSON                Acts 28:17-31                  pg. 150   OT Bible

This is the Word of the Lord                 

Thanks be to God


 SERMON                                       ‘Acts 29’                  Pastor Pauline








We rejoice, O God, in the new world you are creating around us and within us.

We give thanks for the joy we find in the church as we draw water from the wells of salvation. It is our intention to share the joy, to proclaim your Word among all nations, to work quietly and enthusiastically for a world where your love reigns. To these ends, we dedicate our offerings. Amen.



*HYMN                              ‘Rescue the Perishing’                    # 591  UMC     

Please remain in the pews until the pastor processes out and the acolyte carries the light of Christ down the aisle and out into the world





November/December Upper Rooms are available for pick up in the narthex; please take an extra to a friend




Trinity United Methodist Church

20 North Shore Road, Marmora, NJ 08223

Church: 609-390-3248    Pastor: 609-390-3899  

Office: trinityumcoffice@gmail.com

Church Web: www.trinityumcmarmora.org

Facebook: facebook.com/trinityumcmarmora

Nursery School 609-390-0974Nursery Web:  www.trinitynurseryumc.org

Pastor: The Rev. Dr. Pauline Kang cell 201-370-4185


Facilities Manager                                            Rich Lefferson  

Piano                                                                     Donna Gurdgiel               

Worship Leader:                                               Ken Boody                         

Greeters/Ushers:                                            Dennis Gager & Rich Lefferson 

Counters:                                                            Rick & Doris Jones           

Sunday School:                                                 Kim Manley

Church Office Hours:                                      Wed. and Thurs. 9:00 am-12:00P.M.


PRAYER CONCERNS (Please notify office if names can be removed.  We renew once every other month.)


Our Church and Sunday School                                  Trinity Nursery School

Our Troops                         Victims of Disasters         Our President               America’s Freedom             Summer Adams                                                Stephen Bradley

Josh Bradley                       Chris Cruddas                    Debbie D’Abundo           

Ed DeHaven                       Kathleen DeLuca              Charles Fike       

Ted Fike                            Barbara Frohock                  Rich Frohock     

Jean Frye                             Joan Gager                         Gwen Jones      

Rick Jones                           Teressa  Knight                 Rev. Harry Hill  

Richard Kershner Jr.        Doreen Mann                    Kim Manley

Cindy Myers                       Bruce & Judy Misner      Paul O’Donnel

George O’Neil                   Cheryl Scully                       EG Rick’s Aunt  

Terry Spencer                    Marshall Watkins             Mike Watkins   

The people who attend the meeting of narcotics anonymous in our building once a week.



Calendar of Events

Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church Please sign the attendance pads and pass them on, especially to our visitors, it would be most helpful.  What a great way to meet and greet each other.




The Mission of the month of November is UM Student Sunday


COFFEE HOUR FOLLOWING THE Church Service each Sunday.  Come and enjoy fellowship with our Church family.  If you could please donate something to eat, that would be gladly accepted.


Cans & Cards Mission Don’t forget to bring a can of food each week to help some of our neighbors.  Or you could donate a Shop Rite Card.


We will be collecting all kinds of toiletries for the Upper Township Food Pantry. Everyone has been so generous with bringing in food items but we often overlook how everyday needs like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and bar soap are what people need as well!  Trinity United Methodist Church will provide!


We are looking for people who are willing to dedicate their musical gifts for the glory of God during the worship service. Please let Pastor Pauline know.




Events this Week


Our next care team visitation will be on 11/17 following the worship service. 


Church Council meeting 11/19 (Tues) 7 pm 


Prayer & Praise Wednesday at 5:45 PM.  Please bring a sandwich.


Choir Rehearsal Wednesday, at 7:00 PM


Bible Study Thursday at 10:30AM


Shop Rite Gift Cards on sale at the Shop Rite table every Sunday following the service.  Or you can buy them on Wed. & Thurs. in the office from 9:00 A.M. to 12: 00 P.M. 


Events to Come



 Community Thanksgiving Service: 11/24 (Sunday)

                 at 2nd Cape May Baptist Church

   6 pm Soup Supper (please bring salads of desserts)

                             7 pm Worship


MEN’S BREAKFAST December 9, 2019 AT 9AM. This is the big one EVERYONE IS INVITED.  A SPECIAL VISITOR WILL BE THERE.  More information to follow.


MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Christmas Party at the Parsonage December 15, (Sunday) after the worship service.




Budget Last Week (Needs from the Pew) $2,500.00

Attendance Last Week (November 10):  35

Actual Last Week: $1,772.00

Trinty United Methodist Church     20 North Shore Road        Marmora, New Jersey 08223         609-390-3248

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